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Estimating Peak Bone Mineral Density in Osteoporosis Diagnosis by Maximum Distribution
International Journal of Clinical Medicine Research
Vol.3 , No. 5, Publication Date: Oct. 18, 2016, Page: 76-80
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Loc Nguyen, Sunflower Soft Company, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


The T-score is very important to diagnosis of osteoporosis and its formula is calculated from two parameters such as peak bone mineral density (pBMD) and variance of pBMD. This research proposes a new method to estimate these parameters with recognition that pBMD conforms maximum distributions, for instance, Gumbel distribution. Firstly, my method models pBMD sample as a series of maximum values and such values are assumed to obey Gumbel distribution. Secondly, I apply moment technique to estimate mean and variance of Gumbel distribution with regard to the series of maximum values. These mean and variance are adjusted to become the best estimates of pBMD and pBMD variance. There is no normality assumption in this research because pBMD is essentially the extreme value with low frequency in population and so the estimate of pBMD will be more accurate if we take full advantage of specific characteristics of Gumbel maximum distribution.


Peak Bone Mineral Density, Osteoporosis Diagnosis, Gumbel Maximum Distribution


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