The American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT) is a not-for-profit association of scientists from all over the world dedicated to advancing the knowledge of science and technology and its related disciplines, fostering the interchange of ideas and information among investigators. AASCIT serves its members by providing a center for the dissemination of information relevant to the field and its practices. AASCIT also owns and publishes 51 journals--the largest and most highly cited journal in the field.

AASCIT Membership

Membership in AASCIT is open to individuals who by education or experience give evidence of competence in an AASCIT designated field. The designated fields are: Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Technical Communications, and Education, etc. By joining AASCIT, you have access to empowering resources and opportunities, and are positioned to achieve your professional goals.

AASCIT Journals

AASCIT journals publish research intensive articles and scientific manuscripts and survey based contributions focusing all aspects of science and technology. The objective of AASCIT journals is to bring together research fellows from academia and professional practitioners from industry to enlighten the latest topics of interest and building long lasting collaborations. If you are interested in AASCIT journals, please join us. Any questions, please feel free to contact service@aascit.org

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