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American Journal of Science and Technology  
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Gason: A New State of Water
American Journal of Science and Technology
Vol.1 , No. 2, Publication Date: Jul. 7, 2014, Page: 55-59
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Ejikeme P. Nwosu , Research and Development Department, Lumos Laboratories and Company; 28 Narayi RD., Sabon Tasha, Kaduna South, Kaduna State, Nigeria.


Until the advent of this work, water has been taken to exist in three (3) major states as solid (ice), liquid and gas (vapor) by the scientific community. This work has clearly proved and discovered another state of water which is named gason. This work also identified new changes of state as ejibomisation and perrychristisation. The law of ejibomisation and it’s corresponding mathematical relationship is also presented. This work focuses on ice, more generalized version of this study will soon be published to accommodate all forms of matter beyond water. Full understanding and application of these new developments have huge benefits.


Water, Sublimation, Ice, Gason, Ejibomisation, Perrychristisation, Change of States


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