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Profiling Heavy Metal Distribution and Contamination in Soil of Old Power Generation Station in Lagos, Nigeria
American Journal of Science and Technology
Vol.1 , No. 1, Publication Date: Jul. 7, 2014, Page: 1-10
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Adebola A. Adeyi , Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Nelson Torto , Chemistry Department, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.


The extent of heavy metal contamination of soil of the old power generation station in Lagos was assessed. The concentrations of heavy metals in the soil samples collected were analyzed using ICP-OES after acid digestion. Principal component and correlation coefficient were used to identify the possible sources of pollution. There was a great variation in the concentrations of the metals in both surface and subsurface soil. The order of heavy metal concentrations in the surface soil was: Fe>Zn>Pb>Mn>Cu>Cr>Cd>Ni>Co while Zn, Cd, and Cu were not detected at most depths. Obvious accumulation of some of these metals was indicated in the surface soil. Soil contamination was assessed on the basis of enrichment factor (EF), contamination factor (CF) and degree of contamination. Thus, a potential pollution risk may exist, which might contribute to heavy metal loading of the Lagos Lagoon.


Soil Pollution, Degree of Contamination, Enrichment Factor, Principal Component Analysis, Heavy Metal


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