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Concept of Scalar-Vector Potential and Its Experimental Confirmation
AASCIT Journal of Physics
Vol.1 , No. 3, Publication Date: May 21, 2015, Page: 135-148
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F. F. Mende, B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering NAS Ukraine, Kharkov, Ukraine.


According to the program “Starfish” 9 July 1962 of the USA exploded in space above Pacific Ocean H-bomb. Explosion was produced at the height 400 km, the TNT equivalent was 1.4 Mt. With the explosion it was discovered, that it is accompanied by the appearance of the electric pulse, the tension of electrical pour on which for the elongation 1000 km from the epicentre of explosion and it further reaches several ten thousand volt per meters. Electric pulse is formed also with the explosions of nuclear charges at the low heights, but damping pulse depending on distance to the cloud of explosion is much larger than with the space explosions. The existing laws of electrodynamics cannot explain the fact that incandescent cloud of plasma it is possible to lead to similar effects; therefore up to now in the scientific journals there are no publications, capable of explaining this phenomenon. But the cloud of plasma is formed also with the explosions of other charges, therefore, although the temperature of the cloud of explosion in this case much lower than with the nuclear explosions, one should expect that also in this case the explosion must be accompanied by the formation of electric pulse. However, in spite of the long-standing history of the study of the properties of such explosions, this question earlier was not investigated. This article fills the gap indicated in, we showed that the electric pulse, which appears with the nuclear and trotyl explosions, is the consequence of the dependence of the scalar potential of charge on the speed. Are given the conversions of electromagnetic pour on upon transfer of one inertial reference system into another, which are obtained within the framework the Galileo conversions and substantional derivative during writing of the equations of induction. The constructions of the generators of electric pulses are given.


Plasma, Scalar-Vector Potential, Nuclear Explosion, the Electric Pulse of Nuclear Explosion


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