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Equilibrium, Kinetics and Isothem Studies onthe Adsorption of Eosin Red and Malachite Green Using Activated Carbon from Huracrepitans Seed Shells
AASCIT Journal of Environment
Vol.3 , No. 2, Publication Date: May 11, 2018, Page: 24-28
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Aniekan Effiong Akpakpan, Department of Chemistry, Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden, Nigeria.


Edet William Nsi, Department of Chemistry, Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden, Nigeria.


Aniekan Ekpenyong Owen, Department of Chemistry, Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden, Nigeria.


Edidiong Emmanuel Ikpe, Department of Chemistry, Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden, Nigeria.


Idara Monday Akpan, Department of Chemistry, Akwa Ibom State University, Ikot Akpaden, Nigeria.


The activated carbon produced from Hura crepitans seed shell was effectively utilized as adsorbent for the removal of eosin red and malachite green from waste water. Thus the adsorption of eosin red, a typical acid dye and malachite green, a typical basic dye from synthetic waste water using Hura crepitans seed shell activated carbon was studied. The effect of adsorbent dosage, initial dye concentration and contact time was evaluated. The residual eosin red and malachite green concentration in solutions was determined using UV-visible spectrophotometer. All batch experiments were carried out at room temperature (± 2°C) using mechanical shaker that operates at 200 rpm. The results showed that the efficiency of dye adsorption increased with increase in amount of adsorbent, contact time, and with decrease in concentration of dye. The qmax for the adsorption of Malachite green was higher than that of Eosin red showing that MG were removed from waste water easily than ER. The results also showed that the adsorption of the two dyes follow pseudo-first order kinetics. Adsorption isotherm obtained for eosin red follows the Freundlichmodel while the adsorption isotherm obtained for Malachite green followed the Langmuir model.


Adsorption, Eosin Red, Malachite Green, Hura crepitans, Equilibrium, Isotherms and Kinetics


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