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International Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications  
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Applications on Triagular Subgroups of Sp with Reproducing Groups
International Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
Vol.5 , No. 3, Publication Date: Sep. 3, 2018, Page: 66-84
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Simon Joseph, Department of Mathematics, University of Juba, Juda, South Sudan.


Manal Juma, Department of Mathematics, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Alkharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Isra Mukhtar, Department of Mathematics, Shaqra University, Al-Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Consider the (extended) metaplectic representation of the semidirect product with being a symmetric matrix and D a close subgroup of , are the main concerned. They shall give a general setting for the reproducibility of such groups which include and assemble the ones for the single examples treated in Cordero et al.(2006) [3]. As a byproduct, the extended metaplectic representation restricted to some classes of such subgroups is either the Schrodinger representation of or the wavelet representation of with closed subgroup of by E. Cordero, A. Tabacco [11]. Finally, we shall provided new examples of reproducing groups of the type in dimension = 1.


Reproducing Formula, Metaplectic Representation, Wigner Distribution, Semidirect Product


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