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AASCIT Communications | Volume 1, Issue 4 | Dec. 27, 2014 online | Page:116-119
The Place of Our Earth in the Universe and Turning-Points in Its Life (Thoughts Induced by the Climate Change)
The Life is a biological phenomenon which is connected to the structure of a living unit/entity which is bordered from its environment.Appearance of the Life on the Earth is a result of the general processes of the Universe. The Life on the Earth of mote in the endless Universe has consisted of different systems of living units which have been in mutual dynamic connections with each other. The Bio-sphere in respect of the Life is a closed system. The living units including the conscious human beings, too, have significantly influenced on the condition of the environment/the Earth. The Life can only persist when the conditions - life conditions – are in accordance with the biological laws and requirements. Effortswhich have been performed to stop the unpleasant changes of qualities of the earthly environment have been ineffective. The author has urged convenient and effective actions to preserve the Life.
Ralovich Béla, Ministry of Welfare, Budapest, Hungary (retired).
Life, Life Conditions, Bio-Sphere, Closed System, Effects of Living Units, Ineffective Efforts
Ralovich Béla: Data to the History of Teaching and Research of Microbiology. Vol. I., II. (in Hungarian) Balatonberény, 2011 and 2014. ISBN: 978-963-08-1874-2 and 978-963-08-9753-2
Ralovich Béla: The Old Man and the Thoughts. (in Hungarian) Püski Kiadó, Budapest, 2004. ISBN: 963-9906-53-0
Atsuhi Katsuki: The Earth, the Living Entities and the Entropy. (in Hungarian) Fizikai Szemle XXXVIII. 102-110, (1988)
Arcticle History
Submitted: Aug. 24, 2014
Accepted: Dec. 20, 2014
Published: Dec. 27, 2014
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